Our IT Security Audit and Penetration Testing Process is a simple and effective way to find out just how secure your systems are. The majority of businesses who have undergone our IT audit in Melbourne discovered huge security flaws that allowed easy access to company data.

Our experienced tech specialists can find out exactly what you have, how well it is set up, and how well it is protecting your company. The service doesn’t just cover security either – we cover all things to let you know exactly where you stand.

The Ctrl IT Audit begins with a meeting so we can gather information about the current system in place. We then perform penetration testing and use a zero footprint audit process to guarantee no settings are changed.

At Ctrl I.T., we understand that technological jargon can be overwhelming, so we take care to explain everything related to our support services in plain and simple English. We ensure you are fully informed of any issues, their implications for your business, and the best way forward for fixing them.

Check out our IT Security Audit and Penetration Testing service testimonials from our many happy clients in Melbourne.

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